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Asha Tyson


Here's your chance to

Become a HUGE success by simply following my unique system of getting published in 60 days, and making thousands of dollars for sharing your very own unique insights and life experiences!

From the Desk of Asha Tyson

Dear Up-Coming Author,

What you are about to read can only be characterized as the beginning of a life changing moment where your dreams for huge success are as close as your response to the following message.

In the next few weeks, I'm making my one-of-a-kind publishing secrets available to help elevate you into what could be described as one of the most amazing journeys of a lifetime.

The system of information that I am going to give you will be so simple to apply that you will wonder why no one told you this earlier. Please know that what you don't know can hurt you because you have left a lot of money on the table by not moving forward…until now!

No matter what your background is, where you've come from, or what you achieved in your life (or haven't achieved). I know you wouldn't be reading this if you were satisfied.

Somewhere on the inside, you know that life has so much more to offer. You are at a point where you feel like you've paid your dues, but still your idea of success seems to be eluding you.

If I'm describing you, then you are standing at the threshold of a major breakthrough where that could really be the difference you have been looking for in your life.

In my physical homestudy program, I'm going to take you from just one single idea, and help you turn it into a solid income stream that could take you to a whole new level of personal freedom, influence, and fame – all within as little as sixty days!

Isn't it great to know you that you are now standing at the front of the line for SUCCESS?

My Brother and I are burning with joy on the inside. This is one of the best investments we have ever made in our work and ourselves. We wasted 4 years trying to get this done without proper direction and instruction, and it costs us so much in energy, money… I have spent my adult life working with computers in one form or another, but cooking is my passion. You showed me that I could do it, and with your help we made it happen in no time! We already have speaking engagements, cooking club invitations and tons of opportunities since the book came out. We are constantly running out of books because they keep selling! Thank you for under promising and over delivering!
David E. Watts, Michigan
“When I started this program the only thing I knew and was comfortable in doing was writing. To be honest with you, I didn't really know how to do that in a timely effective manner. Now, I know that and much more. Asha Tyson not only showed me how effectively and quickly to write a book, I now know the proper chain of command from the author to the customer. I now know the importance of your cover and why. I learned how to successfully interact business with the designer, the publisher, (if you choose) and the printer. I know now the latest marketing trends and designs. I was even educated on the significance of the internet and how it affects an author today. This was definitely a one-stop shop to my publishing needs. She says 60 days but after only 30 days with Asha's help I am now a published, thriving author. Thanks to Asha, what was once a tedious, difficult process is now exciting and uncomplicated! Much gratitude is given to Asha and her staff for making my dream a reality.”
Tina Haulcy, Texas
“It is unbelievable how fast this process is. In just two months I have gotten published, had my book release and autographing party, have been featured on the cover of a magazine, have sold hundreds of copies of my new book; and have already had my first successful book signing! I am truly enjoying my new level of happiness with my family and friends…And I just have to let you know-- my wife is so proud of her man!!!
Bennie Cross, Michigan

The wealth of opportunities in book publishing seems to elude so many people.

You've probably wondered at times in frustration why you haven't made more advances. You may have felt that it was too late and that living a "practical" hardworking existence was your destiny after all. But you don't have to give up my friend! And you don't have to watch others continue to advance and excel. You can go with them!

“Is there a secret?” you ask?

It depends on what you consider a secret.

In publishing, there are no secrets but tremendous timesaving short-cuts that could slingshot you years ahead of the thousands of others seeking to enter and profit in this extremely lucrative industry.

And I don't mind telling you…

The life of a successful published author is nothing short of amazing.

Not only does your first published book establish you as an expert in your field, the national publicity you quickly gain opens speaking, coaching, consulting and other opportunities that could make you as much as $5000 to $20,000 or more – just for talking to a group of people about the subject of your new book.

Did you know that the one single idea you have can dramatically transform your life into fame and fortune and it's not far from you right now?
It's Your Turn!
Every now and then your knowledge is escaped through your willingness to openly and candidly share with others … not realizing that what you share freely, is your ticket to abundant wealth, fame, and fortune. And that in a matter of days, you could be profiting wildly from what you are freely giving away.

 Now You Can Join Forces with Me to Discover How To Make A FORTUNE As You Turn Simple Ideas Into Super Profitable Income Streams – Regardless of Your Area of Expertise!

Everyone has a story to tell, a book within.

Regardless of your background, lack of accomplishments, or your current success in your professional career, this-all-you-need, step-by-step program will coach you into higher income opportunities, media exposure, and influence as an expert in your field of expertise.

You are about to get on the fast track to your first published book!

Here are just a few ways we are going to help you reach your dreams:

Starting from scratch, you will discover how to bring out the # 1 best seller within and see your first book take it's first breath as you learn my secrets to quickly and efficiently transform your ideas into an organized fashion that will leap from the pages and grab your readers attention.

In my homestudy program you will be walked through the complete process of producing your book. You will avoid the many pitfalls that new authors and publishers make, such as poor cover design, ineffective titles, as well as the hidden maze of decisions all super authors and publishers must know how to navigate around.

You don't have to be ripped off by “so-called” publishers, only to find that you really don't have control even after giving them way more than they said it would cost in the beginning. Also, many times authors who don't get the knowledge that I am offering you, still don't have the success promised by these “popcorn profit publishers” – if they promised anything at all.

You don have to be taken by companies who say they will “Print on Demand” (POD) without telling you the very costly dangers of publishing your book using the POD concept.

With my system, you will know better and do better. And you will also gain the skills to help other authors through the process as well!

And it doesn't stop there.

As a owner of the “Publish Your Book In 60 Days” Homestudy Program, you'll learn how to create an avalanche of book buying customers as your first book is profiled in major book chains, retail outlets, and distribution networks all across the country and around the world.

Get this right, and you will be a ‘STAR' where your newfound “celebrity status” will take you places you've only dreamed of up until now.

You are going to learn the secrets that only the top 3 percent of successful authors, experts, and consultants know. This is how they are able to quickly publish one new national best seller after another, thus, creating massive income streams and profitable opportunities, almost out of thin air…

While the remaining 97% continue to struggle with all the aspects of getting successfully published, you'll be enjoying a life of total freedom and financial independence as your new book gains publicity and exposure from...

Major national media experts, newswire services, magazine editors looking to publish articles about you, as well as famous nationally syndicated talk show hosts clamoring to interview you.

I have been so blessed to have my successes profiled in many of the top national publications with worldwide readership such as, The New York Times, Washington Post, Essence, and the Chicago Tribune.

Are YOU ready for a life changing moment?

Can you see yourself on the National Bestsellers List? I can see you there. I

know it's possible. I'm living the dream right now and have come forward to help YOU live yours as well.

Why should you believe a word I have to say?

I'll give you 3 good reasons:

1) This isn't a job for me, and I will be financially set for the rest of my life whether anyone invests in themselves by getting this proven system or not. Plain and simple, I REALLY DO CARE. I want to help you. It is my dream to do so.

2) I'm qualified. You deserve the best on something so precious and important. If I were not certain that I could help you get real, measurable results, I would help you find someone who could.

3) I will give you your money back if you don't agree.

So there you have it.

I care about you, I'm qualified and I stand behind my program 100%

I have been there before… big dreams of success and influence, but no one to help me get there. It seemed like the more books I read on creating wealth and building a positive life of influence, the farther away it became…Too much information to try and figure out how to use all by myself.

Sound familiar?
I just wanted to show people how I went from homelessness to a great life. I wanted to help people believe in themselves by writing and telling my true-life story. Did it have to be so hard?

No one seemed to recognize my talents, skills, and abilities. I was even teased about always being the dreamer. My "friends" made fun of me. But I pushed forward despite them. I discovered some amazing publishing shortcuts at the hands of banging my head again the wall and spending tons of moneymaking mistakes. Those same people are now trying to borrow money, and learn what I know even today.

Can you believe that!

Frank Sinatra said, the BEST method of revenge is massive success!
As a highly paid successful author and speaker where I've been paid as much as $20,000 for one speaking engagement!

While others were falling by the wayside, forever abandoning their dreams of reaching the BIG payday, I was on a journey into INCREDIBLE financial success that was as predictable and sure coming as the morning sunrise!

And I'm here to tell you… YOU can do it too! Just imagine how fast your life will begin to change in a matter of weeks from now. Picture yourself as a rising star, as an EXPERT in your field, and all the open doors that are about to come your way.

Once you learn how, you'll begin to view life in a completely different way.

No longer will you have a dim outlook on your dreams to become a highly successful published author. You'll not have to fear your future any longer wondering if you'll have enough money to retire on, or whether or not you'll be able to help your family and loved ones when crises arises.
You're ONE Book Away From Living A Life of

My #1 national best selling book, “How I retired At 26!” is a small testament to the forthcoming success that you will soon discover how to emulate.

Since I released this book, I've gone on to print more than 50,000 copies at $20 each all around the world selling in excess of around one million dollars. That's $1,000,000.00 US dollars! Click here now to get your copy while it's still available!

Even more so, I have single handedly taken that book to Amazon's International Best Sellers List, which remained the top-selling book on Amazon during the most turbulent times in America.

Despite a recession, a challenged economy that was uncertain at best, the east coast blackout, terrorist attacks and even through war, my book continues to fly off the bookshelves, sell out of major distribution outlets, and sell in droves in major retail bookstores such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and many others.

And that doesn't include the number of sales and revenue generated from the unabridged Audio Success Kit version of the book package that's SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES or the many other information products I'm currently marketing, where each is making a small fortune in its own way.

I've been invited to speak at some of the most expensive seminars in the country sharing the panel with some of the most INFLUENTIAL people in America such as, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Erin Brockovich, Colin Powel, Joe Vitale, Lee Milteer, and many others. And I've consulted on special book and website projects with award winning celebrities and politicians alike…the list goes on and on.

I've enjoyed many of the successes that could similarly be yours, and have experienced the tremendous rewards living the life of a published author.

At the height of my career, I've engaged in over 652 International speaking engagements sharing my success insights and changing lives all over the world.

Not only that but once you discover the secrets to “Publish Your Book In 60 Days!” there's a very good chance you'll get invites to speak at some of the most successful corporations and national government agencies like I have, such as Microsoft, Pepsi, and even the CIA!

Could I teach you the same? ABSOLUTELY! Are you ready to learn how to emulate real success? I know you are!

Well, I am ready to reveal my winning formula for publishing success to help CATAPULT YOU into the spotlight of AMAZING SUCCESS! The “Publish Your Book In 60 Days” program will allow me to take you by the hand and show you, in every little detail, what you will need to QUICKLY raise to the top.

“When Asha personally called me, I almost lost control of my car! I was honored that she saw the value in helping to closely support those who took action and were dedicated to the physical manifestation of their book! Working with Asha felt like I had gotten in touch with my long-lost big sister, who couldn't wait to share all of her success with me! She was very patient, to the point, organized in her presentation of material, and sensitive to my special needs and requests. I appreciate her energy and excitement behind my project and helping to give force to the momentum created by her Publish Your Book in 60 Days program. I'm humbly grateful for the opportunity to work with Asha! She has cut my footwork to a fraction of what I would have faced on my own! Her presence in this project has truly been a gift!”
Megan Jenifer, Virginia
“…Asha Tyson is amazing! When I decided to self publish…I just wanted my book published, quickly and expertly... My finished product exceeded my expectations and hopes. Because of her brilliance in the self-publishing industry, I am a successfully published “authorpreneur” today!”
Pamela Walker, Michigan
You are not alone anymore.

I am going to walk you through the step-by-step exciting process to becoming a successful published author of your very own profitable published book.

When you get “The Publish Your Book In 60 Days” Homestudy Program, you'll get my INSIDER SECRETS to leveraging your book into MASSIVE opportunities that's nothing short of mind-boggling.

When you decide to get the program, you'll get a step-by-step roadmap, taking you from nothing more than a simple idea for your first book, to becoming a wildly SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR!

Each part of this intensive training course will be delivered in four-training modules covering each and every phase you need, to become a highly paid successful author in your area of knowledge, special interest, or expertise.

These training modules have been time tested and proven to help you achieve your highest level as an author, expert, and consultant.

You'll be taken behind the scenes and given my entire arsenal of strategies and techniques used to produce and create highly profitable books in record time, starting with nothing more than a blank piece of paper!

Each one of the four segments of the program will come on it's own information packed audio CD! So you can review, as many times as you would like for each book you write!

Here's just a few things you will learn in the “Publish Your Book In 60 Days” program:
The Writing Secrets To Turning Ideas Into Profits from Scratch.
You'll discover proven ways to overcome procrastination and get your first book finally written – finished and turned into a full blown manuscript in just 10 days.
How to overcome procrastination and get moving on your dream of being a successful speaker/author
You'll come to understand the pros and cons of taking the traditional publishing route as well as the non-traditional way of self-publishing, and when to consider each for maximum profitability.
Not only will your manuscript WOW literary publishing agents should you go the traditional publishing route, your finished product will reach out and GRAB your customers by the lapels.
Isn't it nice to know you'll be guided by someone with real-world experience that published a #1 International Best Seller, and who's been inducted into the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame?


Proven Book Creation Strategies 

You'll learn a set of strategies and techniques that gets your manuscript edited and polished to perfection, and ready-made for the production and printing process. This essential part of your specialized training is designed to guide you all the way through the book production process.

Here is where many ‘would-be' successful authors MISS the boat, not understanding all of the options that are available to them.

But that won't happen with you, because you are going to learn how YOU can apply it to your specific book and you will learn exactly...

What special considerations you should know about getting your front and back book cover designed with a layout that have the broadest appeal to the highest number of potential customers and prospects. You don't want just a pretty cover. You want a sellable cover! This module will teach you how to make that happen.

I'm going to walk you through the book registration process of copyright protection, as well as applying for an ISBN, which is critical when your book becomes available for mainstream retail book stores and other distribution channels.

I'll show you the many styles of printing options that are available to you, as well as recommend some of the best printing houses available so you can quickly get your book printed FAST without being robbed by vanity press publishers.

These companies that I recommend are very easy to work with and they are the same ones I use. Not only that, but we are willing to work with you to help you achieve the BEST print quality without spending a boatload of money.

Learn PROVEN Promotional & Marketing Strategies That Will Place Your New book Before Tens of Thousands of BUYERS, Predisposed and Ready To Hand You Their Credit Cards!


Now that your first book is in print, how are you going to position it for the BEST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE?

If you don't know the secret here, you could end up spending a fortune, simply because you DON'T know who your markets are, how to properly identify them, and more importantly, how to reach them in an efficient and cost saving way.

When you go through this module you'll come to understand how the top 3% of successful authors and book publishers continually create tons of HUNGRY book buyers, while the remaining 97% are always left frustrated, scratching their heads.

For instance you'll discover the secrets to:

How to position your book for MAXIMUM profitability.
The number one thing you MUST know to brand your book as the ‘must have' resource in your field of expertise.
How I market to major book retailers, specialty stores, libraries and schools, and many others with a simple, but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE system of marketing, based on years of PROVEN experience.
My proven system for contacting major mainstream television and other mass media contacts to get them to do a story on you. Just one major contact like this can create an INSTANT SURGE of non-stop orders for your new book.

In the past you may have seen me on a few of the major network primetime television shows. Some have even said that I have the 'Midas touch' when it comes to stirring the flames of major television networks for free massive publicity.

For example, in the past, I've been invited live on CNN, The View, The Montel Williams Show and Good Morning America…I've been quoted and promoted in publications such as Forbes Magazine and The New York Times -- just to name a few.

Will you let me help you get similar exposure? You should.

You'll see how I make contact and IMPRESS top national radio personalities to generate MASSIVE widespread publicity for my books without paying a dime for advertising. Wouldn't it be nice to learn from someone who's been on national radio shows such as Tavis Smiley, and the Steve Harvey Show?
A simple strategy for creating inexpensive press kits that'll have major media and syndicated columnist clamoring to interview you before their audience of listeners.
How to syndicate your knowledge and expertise into your very own syndication that could be picked up by major newswire services, such as the Associated Press and many others. Click here now to get on the fast track to massive publishing success!
Gain my ‘inside secrets' to getting celebrities and other high profiled people to endorse YOUR book.
Discover My Proprietary Method for Creating Multiple, LUCRATIVE Distribution Channels That Can Create HUGE Numbers of Sales For Your Book.

Now that you have a great book that people want to buy, how do they get it? Did you know that there are over 4 major ways to create distribution for your books? And each category provides you with an UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY to have your book viewed by tens of thousands of potential buyers?

When you learn how to create distribution for your newly published works, you'll QUICKLY see your bank balance rise in ways you've only imagined.

Even more so, once the distribution momentum starts to kick in, you'll almost believe that your bank sent you someone else's end-of-the-month bank statement! The numbers will not only be EXCITING, but can really blow you away!

Using this information contained in this module you'll...

Learn how to LEVERAGE key contacts in multiple distribution channels to create maximum outflow of your books.
Discover what the TOP channels are, as well as learn how to contact them and get FANTASTIC RESULTS.
And so much more!

This is just a tip off the iceberg of the things you'll learn when you get the “Publish Your Book In 60 Days” Homestudy Program.

Oh, one other thing, for those who get the program, you will also get a load of other valuable information...so hold on!

I want you to meet some people who were where you are only days ago!  

This is just a tip off the iceberg of the things you'll learn when you get the “Publish Your Book In 60 Days” Homestudy Program.

Oh, one other thing, for those who get the program, you will also get a load of other valuable information...so hold on!

I want you to meet some people who were where you are only days ago!  


…I have enjoyed her seminars. I've been telling all of my friends about … her book and even forwarding her emails their way.  My male friends even share her story because her talks and works are not gender specific.  She's such an incredible inspiration.  I truly thank God for her gifts.

Now after all that I am working with Asha personally as she takes me step-by-step in pursuing my own dreams of being a successful author. Thanks for doing what you do Asha!

Deborah Brown, North Carolina

Ms. Tyson is a gem! She and her staff is helpful and informative. I work full-time, but I am absolutely committed to making my dreams happen. With Asha Tyson's “Publish Your Book in 60 Days!” I am sure I will do it. Thanks for the awesome coaching.

Henry Williams, Alabama

Thank you so much!  Your coaching was extraordinary and your advice was a tremendous help!  As I now proceed with my marketing plan it is with great confidence that I do so. I wish I had got your help sooner…Now that I have my copy of your home study course…I can repeat the system again and again for one successful book after the other.

Because of “Publish Your Book in 60 Days!”, I know how to position myself and release my work on the heels of the holidays and special events. This will make my profits soar. In short, this system just works! I can't wait to send you my finished product!  Stay tuned...!

Sharon Green, Delaware


The Publish Your Book Program is a clearly defined roadmap that is simple. I have gone through my program twice already…and I am confident that I know what I am doing.

Lookout world here I come!

Suzanne Essengue-Belibi, Kansas


Will you be the next author in progress…

If You Are Absolutely Serious About Accelerating Yourself Into Instant Publishing Success, Fame, and Fortune, Then My Mentoring & Coaching Program Is Definitely For You, Especially IF...
You have an idea for a book or other great information products, but you need HELP pulling it out of you in a way that is meaningful, profitable and fast.
You already have a book and you are looking for creative ways to leverage it into more expensive products.
You are ready to breakthrough to the next level where life becomes easier, financially more rewarding, and filled with unlimited possibilities.
You are ready to take your place in the national spotlight as a highly paid author, consultant, or speaker.
You've self-published a book but lack the guidance to create massive distribution in stores and major book chains nationwide.
You want to enter the lucrative field of coaching and mentoring where your expertise could be worth over $100,000 to 250,000 or more per year.
You are completely fed up with what you are doing for your employer, or a dead end small business knowing you have what it takes to succeed in a massive entrepreneurial way.
You are sick and tired of seeing others make huge financial advancements selling information products, knowing that your information on the same subject is far more superior.
You'd like to use my ‘insider secrets' to break into the speaking circuit where you can get paid up to $500 or more for one hour of your time.
You want to gain the attention of national ‘celebrity status' from appearances on national radio talk shows, interviews, and magazine articles.
You want a life of total control, to live where you want to live, working out of the home you've always wanted to buy, driving the cars you've always wanted to own… without having to depend on a banker and the bondage of getting in debt up to your ears.
And by the time you've completed the “Publish Your Book In 60 Days!” Homestudy Program:  
You'll be given the keys to negotiating unique, everyday challenges so you won't have to suffer through the repeated mistakes that oftentimes sabotage your efforts.
You'll quickly come to understand the process of how to LEVERAGE your special interest, hobbies, professional training, and life experiences into a streamlined publication that could sell in the tens of thousands of copies.
You'll discover the secrets to getting TONS of testimonials that you can use to effectively increase the selling influence of each and every product offer you produce. Testimonials you can use on your website, direct mail campaigns, and other advertising and promotional campaigns that could double or triple your profits.
You'll become a MASTER at quickly locating and identifying additional profit centers that you can just plug right into your customer base for instant profits.
You'll discover how to sell large quantities of books to major distribution channels, or as premiums to corporate networks that could lead into other profitable opportunities.
You'll learn my secrets to taking a single information product and repackaging into higher priced products for markets you may never have thought of.
You'll get my personal strategies for producing a winning book proposal. This is one of the key elements to exciting a major book publisher into doing business with you without getting the door slammed in your face.
By now you're probably wondering what's it going to cost to get the
“Publish Your Book In 60 Days” Homestudy Program.

The real question is "Where will you be able to get this type of information-packed, precise coaching from a national bestselling author that this program offers you?"

When you combine all four modules PLUS the study guide companion workbook, the bonus 1 hour personal coaching time, and so much more you can easily see that just for the that alone, you could easily pay upwards of $1997 for this type of surefire success- system.

By signing up today , you will quickly get on the FAST track to MEGA publishing success while you get everything you need to get the results you want, and pay far less.

So what kind of price tag can we put on this extensive training system? My business advisors have told me that anything under $2,500 shouldn't even be considered.

But relax. You won't have to pay near that amount.

Here's why.

During the years I have constantly been approached by many hundreds upon hundreds of aspiring authors who wanted to know the secrets to my massive success.

Since I rarely have time to do private consulting because of my schedule, I made a promise that I'd find a way to help others duplicate this method affordably while still enjoying my free time. Besides, the few private coaching times that are set aside are usually for celebrities, politicians or business owners since at $750.00 a session they are the only ones who can afford it.

You may have read or heard a "once upon a time" personal coaching opportunity that was given to the first 25 people who took advantage of this program. That is no longer available…but keep reading. I got something for YOU!

When you order your copy of the program today for the unbelievably low tuition of $997, you'll also get a Kit of Special Publishing Gifts as my way of saying thank you. But these are not just any gifts. These special gifts alone could easily be priced higher than the cost of the entire program!

Take a look below:

Free Gift #1 – You'll get my personal Million Dollar Rolodex of contacts. These are the same contacts that I've used throughout my business to help me shortcut my way into massive publishing success!

Free Gift #2 – A copy of my audio CD "Pep Talk." This was created just for you to get and keep yourself motivated through this process or any other time you need to be re-energized and reminded to push forward even when things are not going as well as you would like. It's not available in stores and is in high demand.
Free Gift #3– Studies show that a customer only spends 6 seconds reading the back cover of your book before making a buying decision. As an added bonus, You will receive my very own specialized Back Cover Template so that you can create copy for the back of your own book with ease and excellence!
Free Gift #4 – Learn how to drive crazy traffic to your web site for any service, product, business or book with my brand new “12 ways to Attracting Web site Traffic like a Magnet!” list.
Free Gift #5 – Do you know how to give your book a national best selling title? You will now with my strategy report on how to “Create Book Titles that Grab Attention and Sell like Hotcakes!”
Free Gift #6 – Discover how to establish an entire publish company inside of 7 Days with my 7-step business set-up system. With you own publishing company; you can publish more books for yourself or even publish for other authors at a fee that far surpasses the cost of this program.
Free Gift #7 – Speak Your Way to Unlimited Wealth - I am going to give you a full report on where and how to get your phone ringing off the hook with loads of speaking opportunities. With this top secret you will be amazed at how easy it is to find a goldmine of engagements that can have you so busy mounting the platform that you have to turn business away!
Click Here To Get All 7 Free Gifts!
Wait Still More…
I am a woman of my word. I believe in you and I believe in my program, so I am taking the risk all on myself by offering you a…
No Risk 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with the training, you'll get a full refund on your investment! Simply return the program within 30 days. You can even keep the gifts as my way of saying thank you.
I have a surprise for you! I actually cut my
Speaking schedule back to give you this…
MAJOR BONUS – A Live Personal Coaching Certificate. You will get a special One Hour one-on-one personal tele-coaching session with me valued at over $700.00!

My Personal Coaching gives you direct access to me so that we can quick-start your success as an author. I am going to set aside one-hour to personally talk with you on the phone about your project. Every author has found the one-hour alone to be valuable beyond 10 times the entire investment!

You will be able to set your coaching up immediately after receiving your homestudy program package in the mail. Imagine having your very own PERSONAL coach who can help you kick your book and authoring experience into high gear!

I want you to know that I am here for you! I'm here to personally help you succeed. You know I don't have to do this, but I want to do this. I want to help you have your own floodgate of opportunities and financial abundance as a highly demanded author. I'm offering this coaching because I want you to know that I've been there and...

In this session, you will have direct access and full opportunity to ask me specific questions and receive customized strategies about your unique project so that you are certain to be on the right track with your book.
How is That for
Being Committed
To You?
Okay, so let's review the entire package. Here's what you get for only $997:
4 information-packed audio CD's of me teaching you the most cutting-edge secrets on how to write, publish, market and distribute your book!
A quick reference companion guide workbook for learning reinforcement
7 Gift Publishing Toolkit with high value information
And now, you are getting my personal time, attention, and guidance so you can quickly move forward into fulfilling your dreams with confidence. That's a total of 8 bonuses that value at over $2500 alone! Sign up by clicking here now.

Need I say any more? As you can see, you are not only getting a tremendous value for a fraction of the cost while quickly learning to master the skills to becoming a #1 Best Selling Author, but you are also backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I am one hundred percent sure that you'll be amazed at what you'll discover in this package, that I'm giving you my personal guarantee. Once you've received your homestudy program, if you are not completely satisfied, and excited about the new life of new profitable opportunities that await you around the corner, just simply return it for a full refund.

All I ask is that you give yourself a chance to short cut to your dreams with this program. I'll guarantee, you'll not find someone who is willing to share more of his or her success secrets than me…Not without a very steep price – if they will tell you at all.

Think for one minute. Where else can you learn proven publishing secrets to creating your first book in 60 days and have it ready for massive distribution? And besides, once you've completed your first book, think about all the open doors of opportunities you'll instantly come into as a published author.

With that said, your investment is risk free and 100% protected. Not only that, but I stand behind my professional reputation as an Internationally known best selling author, speaker, and consultant. I wouldn't risk my personal integrity and my million-dollar business on any customer that's not completely satisfied.

Here's To Your First Published Success!


P.S. The “Publish Your Book In 60 Days!” Homestudy Program - My schedule is dramatically increasing and filling with extraordinary opportunities. It is starting to come to a point that will not be able to continue offering the Special bonus of personal attention. It is caving in now, I just hold on to the offer because I love working with people so closely, but you and I both know that it won't last forever. It's really hard to say where and when the cut off can happen. The only thing I can advise is to take action now and participate in this amazing program at this time and at this low price.

P.S.S. Don't let money stop you. I made the mistake of being discouraged by what I thought I couldn't afford at one time. But then I realized that I would've had more money if I had gotten the help I needed in the first place! Isn't that something? I needed some money to learn how to make a lot of money, but because I didn't see myself as having the investment needed, I stayed broke. You have to break the cycle and go first with the investment in order to free yourself from the shackles of lack or you will be in the same place a year from now wondering what if and trying to figure it out on your own. Which leads me to another mistake…

Trying to piece mill a strategy together on your own is possible, I know. But time consuming and hard. I tried that to. I knew that I was smart, so I figured that I could work around paying for the recipe for success and mentorship just by figuring it out myself. And like I said, it's possible, but it's not wise. What I didn't know is that I was on the slow track. I was spending money anyway and not benefiting from someone who had ”been there and done that.” It took me longer than it had to…and it literally cost me millions in earning potential. Plus, I didn't really save after all. At the end of the day, I was still nickeled and dimed through a dark process that didn't even render the results I wanted. I was back to the drawing board – broke and frustrated.

So, one day I took a chance, and I'm so glad I pushed myself forward and invested in my dream and got the help I needed. At that time, I used my very last dime, but it was a planted seed that brought me here today. Getting the right help right away is worth much more than it could ever cost! And I wish someone had told me that sooner. Trying to save money that I thought I didn't have was costing me more in the long run. You struggle unnecessarily when you don't get help from knowledgeable sources and consult with wise counsel. And you cannot earn money from your book if it doesn't get written and bought. So, let me help you. Oh, One last thing…


Alex Haley once said that if he had known how well “Roots” was going to do, he would have written faster. I absolutely agree with him. Had I known how successful my work was going to become, I would have gotten help sooner. So, get creative. Figure it out. Make it work.

Do whatever it takes. Get into this program and get that book done…the world is waiting! Let's do this!

Maximum Respect,

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